Observing Ikusaba Maruko’s mouth twitching, he quickly said, "Hades, be serious. If my mother-in-law suspects, don’t blame me for not even leaving you the parallel universe here."

Mark is angry.
Hades, who is this stupid?
Didn’t you see Irina Kaptelova’s eyes full of anger when Irina Kaptelova flew to hades with one punch?
Falsification is also important.
Just then.
Mark’s words just fell
Like a rag rolling in the middle, Pluto instantly transforms.
Black armor all over
Two-legged fork in hand
The white wings behind Pluto appeared on the scene and immediately stabilized his body. He looked around and looked at Irina Kaptelova and said, "Damn, who are you? I’m really weak now. Am I just going to provoke anyone?"
Irina Kaptelova’s anger is brewing
Mark is already squatting on a boulder to cover his eyes.
This look?
This line?
Mark already wondered if Hades probably wanted him to write a good play himself.
Now my mind flashed several kryptonian soldiers before they died, but Irina Kaptelova ignored the line of hades in front of him
She found it.
That’s him.
It is this demon who destroyed their prosperous home.
Irina Kaptelova’s eyes are as charged as hot magma.
One second
"Die, devil" Irina Kaptelova roared. The Kryptonian war was instantly blasted out because it drove the thermal vision of the stars to be destroyed
Thermal vision bombardment double fork
Hades’ expression was a little surprised, but then he returned to a state of indifference, and his hands crossed with black light.
Irina Kaptelova was instantly knocked back by the double fork.
Mark of Jushi Mountain grew up and watched his mouth disappear. Once again, his mother-in-law couldn’t help but shout, "Damn it, Hades, you did it on purpose."
Emperor Hades appeared beside Mark with a look that I don’t know what you said. He said, "Lucifer, I made Pluto weaker. You said you would see through me and make Pluto stronger. You said I deliberately made you difficult to serve, you know?"
Mark glared at Hades, a nice guy.
This guy did it on purpose
No doubt
The original mark is still a little embarrassed to fool this guy again.
Is it finished?
Hades looked at the black face and Mark’s heart suddenly thumped. Then he quickly said, "Okay, okay, what do you want me to do? You said you want a grand scene. I gave you an angel vs. devil. This spectacular scene perfectly explained what hell has become like this shabby and petty. You know, the third angel-devil war has been lonely. This time I’m in a hurry. I haven’t figured out how to reach the Oracle with my followers."
Still coming?
Mark directly said grumpily, "Just keep it like this, in the final analysis, you still want me to play, just like when I asked you and Poseidon to pin down Zeus’ mistress army in the main universe. You might as well be beaten by a group of women and not be able to find the north."
Hades’s face froze with laughter. "Have you regained your memory?"
"Not yet"
"Then how did you …"
"It happened that when I shuttled here, I just recovered these memory fragments."
Hades took a deep breath and then shook his head and said, "Then how do you want to come?"