Boy …

Walls, floors, gardens, and cliffs are suddenly dented to reveal dark long guns and short guns.
When did an assault helicopter attack in the original plot? What didn’t?
Mark thinks
I think Tony’s personality has gone with the wind since he became Iron Man …
Recognize your natural enemies!
Except for this explanation, Mark couldn’t understand his explanation.
Can’t …
It was Tony who picked the original weapons and melted them in the furnace because he couldn’t find the metal place when he built the steel suit …
After leaving Malibu
While driving, Mark glanced at the co-pilot Parker and said, "Did you do it when an oil painting was stolen from the French Museum last month?"
Parker blinked and said, "I will go again in the end!" "
Mark was happy. "Did you just throw the oil painting in front of the Paris police station and call it back?"
Parker nai said, "This can’t blame me. After I appreciate it, who knows that the museum has installed a new generation of mobile sensors from Hammer Industries? Although it is a castration of Stark Industrial Sensors, I don’t have my tools at hand and the plane is about to take off …"
Mark "…"
half an hour later
Mark drove the bumblebee into an industrial zone in midtown Brooklyn.
After seeing the car, Mark looked around the environment, then turned his eyes to the warehouse and smiled and said, "Do you have to live here if you have an apartment?"
Parker walked towards the warehouse door and pressed the password, saying, "That apartment is a front. You said you would have your own house!" "
"… you’re a thief. You live by technology, not guns and brute force." Mark said something.
Parker’s brain circuit is not as strange as that of mental patients, but it is not something that ordinary people can imagine.
Parker can fall from a skyscraper with a smile on his face, but his heart is soft …
Parker can blow up his own house just because her stepfather says a word.
You can also be sad for a whole week because a doll is broken
Walk into the warehouse
The overhead lamp lights up in a consistent and orderly way.
Warehouse swing
There is also a bedroom size that is isolated by Parker screen in the middle.
The girlish bed is full of all kinds of dolls.
A one-person Winnie the Pooh doll stands out with a hint of unruly smile on its face.
Mark smiled and said, "Why do you still have this doll when it is out of date?"
"This is my tenth birthday and you came to new york to give it to me," Parker said, turning around and looking at Mark seriously.