Arihiko went out of the room and jumped lightly several times and disappeared into the night.

Chen Yanxian went to Xinlingjun Mansion.
He put his perception to the extreme with his eyes closed, and evaded one anshao after another by feeling.
When I entered a secret room, I opened my eyes, and the inside of the secret room was full of Jane. I picked up a copy of Jane at random and read it in my heart. "It turned out that Xinlingjun and the Li family of Chu had colluded. If this thing fell into Wang Wei’s hands, Xinlingjun field would be miserable."
Most of Jane wrote correspondence with his vassal families.
There is no value for Chen Yan.
Chen Yan’s eyes swept around and finally found something unusual, which was written in silk.
Chen Yan took a look at his heart. "It’s a secret record of Lu Gong. I didn’t expect this thing to be trusted by Lingjun. What’s the point if he doesn’t give it to Wang Wei?"
Lu Gong’s secret record is meaningful only if it is brought, otherwise it is worthless.
Lu Gong secretly recorded the mechanical construction method. Chen Yan seems to be very simple and superficial. After all, Chen Yan has even seen artificial intelligence, but Chen Yan will not underestimate the wisdom of the lost family
Chen Yan has much experience and knowledge.
If Chen Yan didn’t have those vast amounts of knowledge in his mind, he would have been born during the Warring States Period, and his wisdom and achievements would certainly not be comparable to Lu Ban’s.
Anyway, Lu Ban is a carpenter’s grandparent, and Chen Yan has not yet created his own school to be a grandparent.
It took him less than ten minutes to remember Lu Gong’s secret recording department.
He put Lu Gong’s secret record back to its original place and left it smartly.
Secret, not known
Zhao Ya saw Ulrich haven’t come to talk. Ulrich nodded at her, suggesting that things have been completed.
Zhao Ya was completely relaxed.
Had breakfast.
Sun Yan said to Princess Zhao Qian, "Princess, write an invitation to Mrs. Wei to invite him to the palace garden for fun."
Princess Zhao Qian asked, "What? I don’t like wei too don’t want to meet him … "
David chan said, "I asked Wang Wei to postpone your wedding with Mrs Wei just to get along with her first. It’s reasonable for you to make an appointment with Mrs Wei and then not get married again. Otherwise, if you haven’t got along with Mrs Wei, just say that you don’t like him, even if it’s unreasonable for the princess. Rest assured, I’m too afraid to mess with you."
Princess Zhao Qian nodded, "Well, then." She now has a blind faith in Chen Yan.
Wei Taitai is full of anger, but he has nowhere to vent. He has been very wronged these days.
It’s all the fault of that Ulrich and Long Yangjun. If it weren’t for their meddling, they would have brought Princess Zhao Qian back to Taifu for a beautiful return.
Wei Taitai took a sip of Menjiu andao, "Damn it, after three days, when you compete with Cao Qiudao, you won’t be proud for long. It’s best for Cao Qiudao to kill you in the ring and vent his hatred."
this moment
People came in with invitations and reported, "Princess Zhao Qian of Zhao in Taidian sent invitations and hoped to go to the palace garden with Taidian for fun."
Wei is too surprised and then ecstatic. "What did you say? Princess Zhao Qian asked Taitai to take a walk in the palace garden? Okay, okay. Where’s the invitation? Show it to me quickly. "
Seeing the invitation, Mrs. Wei sent out a few sheets of crazy size again. He was so excited and excited that it seems that Princess Zhao Qian already likes herself.
Cao Qiudao suddenly appeared and said, "Don’t be too happy in Taidian. Princess Zhao invites you to enjoy the flowers together, even if you have ulterior motives."