Now that Guinea has been liberated, such plans will be handed over to the new government of Guinea, which will formulate the overall construction plan and be responsible for the final implementation of Huanxiang Industry, which is all the data and information suggestions.

According to the necessity and urgency of all kinds of construction, the first place is water conservancy, and the construction of north-south traffic artery in Banwei River is also the most urgent one.
Not far from the temporary bridge with steel structure, the site selection of the first bridge has been completed, and construction can be officially started in the dry season. The designer and builder are still from the Dongguo Construction Group.
After crossing the Banwei River, the road conditions are much better. This is already the site of Banda City, and it has been reinforced and widened when connecting the front section of the north-south traffic main road.
Although the specifications of this highway are not very high, it still looks simple, but the traffic conditions are good.
There are three rivers in Banda city, and the agricultural conditions are the best in seven States and regions of Guinea. Of course, there are bridges in the other two rivers, and Hua Zhenxing feels that these bridges may be difficult to meet the future needs and need to be rebuilt and rebuilt.
He has traveled many times from Banda City to the Yuan Ye Highway of Port Fesso, and Sanhu Town will also pass by Morrison Plantation along the edge of the original national park.
Now, the scope of the National Forest Park has been re-planned. Banda City has drawn a large area for agricultural reclamation, while Wago City has drawn another large area for species environmental protection.
On the whole, the area of national parks has not decreased, but has increased
The land demarcated from the national park used to be a camping area for travelers and explorers all over the world. In the past few years, all kinds of RVs and buses were always parked, and the conditions were the best for agricultural reclamation in this area.
Banda city has carried out large-scale farmland water conservancy construction since last spring, which is not only to build a large hub like Luofugen water, but also a whole set of engineering bodies including several ditches, dams and wetlands in various water storage areas.
The geographical and climatic conditions of Banda city can become the granary, agriculture and animal husbandry base of the whole country.
Li Xiaoyang once said at a meeting that if a Banda city is built well, it can solve the famine of the existing population in the whole country.
Many indigenous cadres in the new alliance can’t believe this assertion, but the Fantak meeting produced very detailed data.
There are 5 million mu of cultivated land (including plantations) in Banda city, but after exploration and demonstration, if the water conservancy body is built well, the total area of cultivated land suitable for development can reach 20 thousand square kilometers
20 thousand square kilometers is 30 million mu, and the total population of Guinea is 12 million at present. Only this one, the per capita cultivated land area far exceeds that of East China.
Moreover, there is not only a Bangbang district in Banda city, but also a large area of land suitable for agricultural reclamation. For example, the agricultural natural conditions in Diga city are also good
However, it is also difficult for these lands to get land reclamation, which is completely different from the situation in Dongguo. It is not cultivated for many years.
First of all, we must build and improve the water conservancy system, solve the problem of planting fertilizers, and develop agricultural technologies suitable for local climate and conditions
Being suitable for development does not mean that it must be developed, and other factors must be considered. According to the plan, the agricultural land in Banda City will strive to reach 15 million mu in the next five to ten years and then maintain a relatively stable level.
Hua Zhenxing still remembers Van Dak’s words to the effect that we should not underestimate the level of modern agricultural technology. If the agricultural base project in Banda City is built well, it will not be a problem to ensure food and clothing for the whole country.
There is more than one agricultural base project in Guinea, and the goal of the new alliance is not only to get enough food and clothing, but to make everyone’s life better.
Big shell’s words are really inspiring, but it is not easy to realize the word "completed", which requires hard work, strong organization, scientific planning, education and other conditions.
When you come to the jurisdiction of the port of Somalia and enter the main city, you have to cross the river of Somalia. At present, there is a bridge that was completed the year before last and is also an aid project of the East China.
Huazhenxing drove through the southern coastal area and passed the Palm Manor not far from the outside. It is still the headquarters of Huanxiang Industry, but many institutions of Huanxiang Industry have moved to xin tian zhen, a farming area.
When crossing the bridge over the Fizeau River, Hua Zhen couldn’t figure it out. It felt like a lifetime ago in just two years
Two years ago, when this bridge was just completed, it was the newest and best bridge in several miles. It has the best quality and the highest specifications. It has two lanes and four lanes in total. Even during the flood period, it will not affect the navigation (if there is navigation) on the bridge deck.
However, in Hua Zhen, it seems that this bridge is not enough. In a few years, the bridge with higher specifications and better traffic conditions will need to be built, otherwise it will be difficult to ensure the development demand.
Hua Zhenxing came to see the excitement when the Feisuohe Bridge was just completed. He thought the bridge was so beautiful and magnificent at that time, but there were too few cars passing through the bridge and the design was too advanced
However, in a blink of an eye, this bridge is barely enough. Fortunately, it has guaranteed the transportation of military supplies and supplies from the logistics base of AMISOM to the front during the liberation of China.
When the bridge was built, Huanxiang Industry and the new alliance had not yet been established. Hua Zhenxing was just a grocery store boy.
At present, there are two industrial bridges in Yuhuanxiang. The first one is located in the west of Xintian Town, which is relatively simple. The specifications are not too high, but the road surface is strong enough and wide enough. Construction vehicles can pass through the project on weekdays, and migratory animals can pass through it at two special times every year.
Another bridge, the north of Gao Qiao Town, connects the new airport with the new port city of Sofia in the future. The design of this bridge is super-standard. If the eyes are not rooted, Gao Qiao Town is named after it.
The Beiluohe Bridge can be used for all kinds of heavy vehicles, and it can also be used for main battle tanks all over the world … With the bridge, there will be new roads, and there will be more choices.
How many things Hua Zhenxing is worried about is clear to him. It can be seen from his mind that all kinds of thoughts flashed from Anzhen to the main city of AMISOM.
What he saw along the way was almost a dynamic world evolution. He considered all kinds of long-term plans and short-term plans, all of which needed to communicate with the high-level officials of Xiajili National Sports Institute … Anyway, his mind was not idle.