Not to mention the so-called joint punishment, there are several forms of joint expulsion, the most important of which is to abolish and repair and expel the patriarchal clan.

For brother Dacheng, the realm of cultivation is something that others can’t abolish, so that the self-styled spirit and magic can exile the world, or you can choose to close your life and never show up again.
What if it’s an ordinary person who doesn’t practice? This issue does not discuss the scope.
How to punish Lu Gao Qian is doubtful.
If Lu Gao Qian spared Linda’s evil deeds 30 years ago, but didn’t do anything else, the Kunlun League should be chased together after investigation, but actually Lu Gao Qian’s evil is even worse. This muzzle drives Lin Tai to continue to be evil and should be punished together!
Bai Shaoliu asked again, "Don’t you smell’ butcher’s knife, stand on the ground and become a Buddha’?"
Hua Zhen line almost want to find a chair to sit Bai Shaoliu this kind of words can also ask? This, of course, is not asked by others, but represents some people’s point of view or inherits the previous assumption.
This round of questioning has gone beyond the category of collective punishment, and it is not only Lin Dalu and Gao Qian, but also monks who extend into the broader world.
Suppose Lu Gao Qian spared Mrs. Lin for a reason and Mrs. Lin cried and vowed to repent and never do such a thing again.
What has happened is irreversible, and Mrs. Lin’s life must be saved again? Is it worth saving if he turns over a new leaf from now on?
Dinky’s answer was actually singing "Let Deng Xian go to prison to become a Buddha and put a butcher’s knife. Please talk about Samadhi Buddha who will go to hell if he doesn’t go to hell"
Hua Zhen’s trip suddenly came again, and he will be straighter. Because of the wisdom of Teacher Ding’s remarks, he didn’t fully understand it.
What does it mean to be imprisoned and become a Buddha? Hua Zhenxing is hazy, feeling but unable to figure it out.
Is this a debate between two monks? There are Buddhist monks in the field, but Bai Shaoliu and Teacher Ding are not monks. They don’t seem to argue the righteousness, but they seem to borrow words.
I understand some of his remarks about Hua Zhen.
Ordinary people understand that putting a butcher’s knife may mean that the murderer stops killing. There are many reasons, such as being old and not moving the knife, and the wind is tight. I don’t dare to regret it and don’t want to kill again. If I want to kill, I have killed it and don’t have to kill again.
But from the point of view of practice, neither of these situations is a butcher’s knife.
People are familiar with a kind of Buddhist allusions, such as a great warlord with a lot of killings and a famous chivalrous man with rivers and lakes, who suddenly got tired of the imperial plan and decided to convert to Buddhism …
This story can also add some old material. It was because an old monk woke up with a word that he realized that there was one less butcher and one more monk.
So the question is, is it good or bad to judge the butcher and the old monk?
Wen Zhihui, everyone knows something. Mr. Ding in Hua Zhen’s ear cited two examples. The first example was actually the big head gang in Somalia.
If the new alliance didn’t appear, before Jin Datou came to the East, he just walked into the Jiulin Temple in Wucheng and met three old monks who were enlightened.
So Jin Datou became a monk in Jiulin Temple, and his bald head was all ready-made and he didn’t shave it, or he found a serious job locally, such as sending a courier to do part-time Buddha chanting as a volunteer, and he never returned to the big head to help him take the pledge …
In the second case, a serial murderer in the Eastern State went to Jiulin Temple and found three old monks who confessed their identity crimes and expressed their willingness to repent and rehabilitate, hoping to hide in the temple, and then they were taken in by the old monks.
What’s the difference between these two cases? The difference is not only whether order and procedural justice can be realized. What is more important to the monk is the reason why the old monk did it, which led to the result.
Look at the first example first.
At that time, the port of Somalia was in a state of order collapse, and several big heads of gold openly and openly did not escape punishment. On whether the old monk advised him or not, neither the authorities of Guinea nor the East would arrest him.
The old monks in Jiulin Temple can’t change the status quo of the country, and the non-Suogang neighborhood is not under their control. They are trying to persuade Jin Datou to turn over a new leaf and stop doing evil.
This is also the case when it comes to the story base of big warlords and chivalrous people. Punishing them for order is not right, otherwise they should go to prison and temples are not the place where they should come.
For the three old monks, this is a good deed that they can do.
In the second case, the old monk’s purpose is to help fugitives escape punishment, that is, to harbor fugitives. This is a standard evil!
Of course, the three old monks should be taken away by the police station, and it would be dereliction of duty of the police if this temple that deliberately harbors fugitives is not sealed!
If confession prison is more suitable for atonement, if it is more necessary to recite scriptures in Buddha’s hell, this is salvation, not only for butchers, but also for the world.
Some gangsters may have to ask again. What if the fugitive was forced to commit a crime or was wronged? This situation is beside the point.
I was a little confused when I heard about the trip to Hua Zhen. Teacher Ding said that he would always give problems to some old monks in the Jiulin Temple in Wucheng. Is it just bullying people not to be present today?
The question of "being honest and being short of money" shows that many people will suddenly realize the truth and misinterpret the truth, while sophistry will misinterpret the real crime by putting aside the delusion, malice and self-insistence.
Real "butcher’s knife" this start includes the face of guilt, Hua Zhen trip to understand, but he is still a little surprised that it is so simple to ask questions on this occasion?
At this point, the question theory went smoothly, that is, Bai Shaoliu and Mr. Ding answered the questions in turn, and everyone smelled differently, but no one intervened.
At this time, suddenly there was a population saying, "I have something to say to you, Master Mei."
Looking forward to speaking is the deacon of Zhenhuamen, Zhou Rong, a capable woman who is also responsible for analyzing and summarizing all kinds of information in this Kunlun League survey. This should be related to her profession, that is, she is a lawyer.
Mei Yeshi "Zhou Daoyou, please speak"
Zhou Rong, the leader of Mei League, went to Dingfengtan yesterday to destroy the past. Let’s not talk about Lu Mubai for the time being. Later, when he started work, he did not move Shang Haiping’s family.
After accidentally killing Shang Haiping, he did not touch Shang Haiping’s family.
Besides, let’s not talk about Mrs. Lin for the time being. Thirty years ago, Mrs. Lin said that she had never really touched the family of two Taoist friends.
Can words be redeemed when they are not done? Is it necessary to be punished together only from this point of view? "
Zhou Rong asked a very special question. She, Lu Mubai and Mrs. Lin pointed out a situation for example.
In fact, Lu Mubai didn’t touch Shang Haiping’s family. Later, Shang’s family was assassinated by Ling Jiwei, a great god craftsman in Gambi Court. Instead, it became something for Ling Jiwei to blackmail Lu Mubai.
Mrs. Yu Lin sent a text message, which was the identity information of Shi Buhai’s grandmother and grandfather. In fact, she didn’t really touch Shi Buhai’s family.
Should people be punished for saying things but not doing them? Even if the punishment is necessary, is it necessary to implement it according to the standard of "punishment by heaven"?
In other words, is it too serious to be "sentenced" if you are jointly pursued by Kunlun League because of a high mouth?
Hua Zhen smell speech can’t help secretly frowning. This is the concept of stealing. How can anyone ask such a question on this occasion? 1,200 years ago, the founder of Zhengyi Sanshan Association should have made it very clear.
But looking at today’s posture is to take it out and tell it again!
With the progress of the times, the achievements of future generations will always be higher than those of previous generations, but don’t forget that the progress of future generations is also the basis for the achievements of predecessors. The achievements of each era are not created by contemporary people from scratch.
With the development of the times, some things that do not meet the requirements of the times need to be eliminated and changed, but it does not mean that the achievements of predecessors should be completely denied and the cornerstone of development should be shaken.
The progress of the times is not a kind of inevitable progress, but there may be retrogression, even decline, collapse and extinction