Tony took back his glass before asking, "When will you finish your work?"

Mark put the lid on the bottle again and said in surprise, "Do you want to leave so soon? It’s not like you. "
Tony shook his head and didn’t pick up this. Instead, he pointed to the afternoon when they came to Twilight Sen and asked, "Are those people in the forest extraordinary?"
Mark nodded. "Most of the people living in the forest are a group of old bachelors and antiques."
Tony nodded thoughtfully. "I met a guy named Aruba in Pepper Forest. Do you know him?"
Mark thought about it and shook his head and said, "I didn’t know me for six years. Maybe it’s someone who settled here after I left."
Tony didn’t speak after listening.
Mark looked at Tony and asked curiously, "What’s the matter?"
Tony shook his head and smiled as if he were joking. "Nothing, I’m just asking."
Mark took a deep breath.
If it weren’t for considering that this guy even had a daughter, Mark would have taken this smelly fart monkey head off.
Tony is sipping waves without speaking.
It’s not that Tony isn’t going to tell Mark, but how to tell him. Mark and Tony are already familiar with each other to the point where you are sure to be sarcastic.
This is not malicious irony.
It’s a good joke
This afternoon, Tony and his spouse accompanied three little girls and their blue sisters to visit Twilight. They were guests for a while. After the so-called alchemist cave, Tony needed to take a piss. Then he saw a mountain hut and an old man sitting at the door drinking a little wine.
Tony talked to the man who called himself Aruba.
To be honest, Tony hasn’t remembered why he ran over to talk to him at that time.
Generally speaking,
Although he looks old, his muscles and eyes are even more naked. Aruba saw at a glance that Tony was being eroded by some kind of toxin and he had a cure.
Tony was cheated at that time and was about to leave when it suddenly occurred to him that this is the seclusion place for solitary people in the extraordinary world of Twilight Sen.
So Tony once again had a dialogue with Aruba.
The dialogue process is complicated.
Anyway, after some probing, Tony is still wary of this Aruba, but he has five levels of confidence that Aruba can cure his current predicament.
it suddenly occurs to me that
Aruba, tell me what the way is.
Lile Universe
Practice method
Just this.
quite a while
Tony looked at Mark and confirmed, "You said you wanted to live here because you love peace."
Mark looked at Tony in a daze, then smiled gently and turned to jokingly, "What did you meet in the forest?" Tony stark? "
Tony was dumbfounded, too
One second
Tony suddenly realized the meaning of Mark’s eyes and said angrily, "I’m not like someone in the East. How do you say that?" Do you want to bake while eating and cooking? "
"… that’s called eating a bowl and watching a pot genius"
"I am always different from you."
"Hehe, you provoke fewer women than me?"
"I’m usually rich. I’m not like someone who has no money and can get together emotionally."
"… I call it love"
Mark took a deep breath and told himself to calm down.
This guy understands the greatness of love without taking care of his heart.
Talking about feelings with this smelly fart monkey is like wasting your life.
soon afterwards
Mark looked cold and said, "What exactly do you want to ask?"
"If I go alone, I won’t be chopped by the guy inside, will I?"