Shouting for Ji Xinghe to be the emperor, the moon and the moon did not forget that she had an employee’s possession and Ji Xinghe’s intelligence had always been her algorithm query range.

The change of the worse gate was first known by Ji Xinghe.
If you don’t want to talk to Ji Rongxinyue, Ji Xinghe will look at his bracelet and the moon will lose everything that happened in the cell and laboratory of the worse gate.
But no one except Ji Rongxinyue and Xingyue knows that Ji Xinghe looks at it.
Nu Wa knows, but it is not a human being, nor is it a place of self-will. The moon and the stars guarantee that it will not reveal the situation.
The first mouth is kazeman
Yu’s family was killed by Ji Xinghe who borrowed Adakang’s hand. The news reporters told him long ago, but he still didn’t want to tell the public honestly.
And now it insists on nothing.
"I can do it"
Berrossi glared at Kazeman and followed, "I can do better than Kazeman."
This change did not come as a surprise to the researchers, who all knew that after watching the video of interrogating Dong Guo Cilian, the two orangutans would lose the fact that the Federation could kill them now.
"Then try it."
A scientific research team leader wearing a white coat and glasses waved and six people came in from outside the cell.
Judging from their clothes, there is no difference between them, and they are all about the same size, with no identity or occupation.
They lined up one by one in front of Kazeman and nervously extended their hands to Kazeman.
Chained, Katzeman also reached out to them.
"Don’t say wait"
The person in charge woke up coldly, but it didn’t stop Kazeman from hurting these people and threatening them.
I noticed this. Ji Xinghe and Ji Rongxinyue in the training area of No.5 base both heard the sounds of the stars and the moon through headphones.
"Master, it’s so wise that you kept it from you before and now. Otherwise, they wouldn’t treat you as a person. One of these six people is a master of strength, two are masters of strength, and two are masters of strength and one is a master of strength. They are all instructors in the army with a high rank."
Ji Rong Xinyue has come to her senses at this time. She is very happy to ask in a low voice, "Xingyue, what do you want them to add the word master after their strength?"
"Because they are all good at fighting and disarming, no one in the independent regiment can beat them except the master. Li Han, who has developed great strength, can’t beat them. Of course, if it is a life-and-death battle, there are thirty or forty independent regiments that can kill them."
"Wow, that’s amazing." Ji Rongxinyue sincerely marveled.
Others will also be surprised that there are many independent regiment ace mecha, and in general, mecha can fight more than conventional arms.
It’s not surprising that Ji Xinghe didn’t come out but looked at him. This scene continues.
He had foreseen this picture when his cell said that "what if"
The fact is no different from what he expected, but it will come sooner, which also means that the federal thirst for gas is unimaginable
Among the six instructors who are very good at fighting, there are also rare talents who have developed Dan Jin and Qiang Jin. The federal government has no protective measures and directly let them participate in the experiment.
It’s really urgent
It doesn’t seem so important for senior executives to play this specialty.
Bracelet screen shows that Kazeman has explored six instructors in turn, and then Berrossi looks at it in the same way.
"Write out your test results."
The person in charge doesn’t seem to be worried about the two orangutans strung together. All their movements, including eye changes, are under surveillance.
The two orangutans quickly wrote that their examination results were not different from the analysis results before the research team.
"It took Dan Jin to realize what the empire called evolution, and so did Dan Jin, but Dan Jin is no different from normal humans."
"All the people who should be trained in Dan Jin and Gang Jin will make General Ji Xinghe want to try to get Qi power from the imperial orangutan."
"Thirty-nine people in the Federation have developed Dan Jin, four people have developed Gang Jin, and one of them has said that it has broken through the state of Gang Jin, and the blue star has yet to be verified."
"Most of these people are blue stars and there are too few people. We should transfer them all."
This conversation is not in the Nantianmen cell, but in another room next to the cell. The participants are experts from the scientific research team.
"It’s no problem to transfer here. The question is, do you want to ask General Yi Xinghe for advice first?"
"Of course, I should ask General Ji Xinghe, who has the most speech on this matter. Although I still think that General Ji Xinghe knows a hammer gas, if I have to guess who mastered the gas power first in this way, I will choose General Ji Xinghe."
"It’s no problem to ask General Ji Xinghe. I mean, what if General Ji Xinghe asks him to make an orangutan alone to carry out this experiment?"
"What’s the problem?"
"Yes, we have four orangutans with gas power. The prince of the empire is half-dead and will never cooperate with us. Dong Guo Cilian will probably be put back, which means we have two orangutans left."
"This ….. Dong Guo Cilian said that their gas recovery is very slow. We have more than 40 people to participate in this experiment, and there may be more. If General Ji Xinghe wants to make an orangutan alone, it is really troublesome."
"What are you talking about? That’s General Ji Xinghe, and both orangutans were captured alive by General Ji Xinghe. "
"General Ji Xinghe should not be special in front of gas secrets. Although I also believe that he may gain gas power, the problem is that General Ji Xinghe is 67 years old and he is old."
"You are old, and your family is old. General Ji Xinghe is sixty-six years old and seven days short of sixty-seven years old."
"General Ji Xinghe is really old, and he should take part in this experiment. With the strength of Qi, General Ji Xinghe can fight to seventy, ten and one hundred years old."
None of these people have really seen Ji Xinghe, but many of them are hysterically defending Ji Xinghe’s benefits. Even if they think that Ji Xinghe should not be this matter, some people believe that Ji Xinghe is the most promising person to get angry.
I have to say that this is the reason why Ji Xinghe chose to become a miracle and then became a god.
He wants to be amazing, giving Ji Rongxinyue a stronger belief, supporting Ji Rongxinyue’s fragile body and healthy growth.
He wants to become a god. After mastering two secrets that are extremely important to the Federation, he can avoid some troubles with the help of people’s reverence and belief in God.
The key point is that if he is not the god in many people’s minds, he will be really capable when the Federation chooses to negotiate with the empire
But now Ji Xinghe has some guilt, and he has concealed the truth after all.
"Don’t look at the moon and the stars, just remember and tell me if there is anything unusual."
Ji Xinghe dropped the bracelet screen.