The darkness of night covered the sky, and thousands of lights were on.
Wu Xiaojian three people are ready to go.
"Thanks to me, otherwise you don’t even know where Qianru lives now." Mu Jiao Jiao said at the door with a fork in her waist that she was proud to announce her credit.
"Yes, yes"
Wu Xiaojiannai responded that she couldn’t deny her words and admitted that he realized that he really didn’t know Li Qianru’s current address, and he couldn’t rely on her, so he really looked like a blind cat and didn’t know where to go.
"Brother, are you really not with me today?"
Chen ying is going with them, but she is not’ stealing’ Li Qianru together, but keeping watch for them.
Wu Xiaojian used to touch her head, feeling that she was pushing slightly, and she looked at her with wide eyes and said to her regretfully, "You can’t be invisible in reality yet, and you are also very important."
It may be that the rules of the game are still there, or that Chen Ying’s star power has not reached that level, which makes her unable to hide in reality and naturally unable to go with them.
"all right"
Chen Ying regrets that she certainly knows this truth. From this aspect, she is a little envious of Mu Jiao Jiao. Although she came later, she grew faster than her.
"There are no other questions. Let’s go. I know that Li Qianru’s father will go out for supper at the party and already know that her brother will talk with his girlfriend in the afternoon. The vigilance is the most relaxed time." Wu Xiaojian clapped his hands and said to cheer them up.
At noon, Mu Jiao Jiao went to see Li Qianru as a sister to confirm whether she was still there, but also to understand the situation around her. Now it is necessary to do things to prepare, and it will be too late to know that it is too late to delay now, and if it is supper, Uncle Li will come back at most at 9: 30. Now it is the most suitable time to have fewer people and fewer eyes and the highest chance of success.
The three men set out in Mu Jiao Jiao and led them around a residential area from a side door. From the line, they looked like they had stepped on a thief, and now they are coming.
All cameras were avoided along the way, and it was obvious that Mu Jiao Jiao had noticed this when he came to "step on the spot" during the day.
"I wonder if Li Qianru’s father will have a heart attack when he comes back and sees that his baby daughter has eloped."
Mu Jiao Jiao felt very funny and made fun of it.
Wu Xiaojian is quick.
I feel that she is too bad.
In fact, from the two houses, he is not worried about big sleep, Uncle Li’s attitude is too tough, and Li Fangqiang’s strength is too strong. It takes too long to make a positive breakthrough, and now they are not allowed to continue to drag it, and he does not want to choose this worst way.
"It’s the light on the far right of the eighth floor of Block B in front."
Looking down the Mu Jiao Jiao, I saw a high-rise building with exquisite exterior decoration and high-end cars parked on the floor. It can be seen that the people in this residential building are not bad, and from this aspect, Li Qianru is really a’ goddess’. It is really not what he wants. There is nothing poor students can compare with.
"How exactly?"
When I got to the specific place, Mu Jiao Jiao knew that she had finished, and the rest was Wu Xiaojian’s responsibility
Wu Xiaojian said his specific plan and said to them, "Wait for us to go together, but I’m taking the stairs. You two take the stairs to find Li Qianru to play. The reason is advanced to confirm what Li Fangqiang is doing. The warbler is in the ladder, ready to meet me at any time to cover what may happen. Of course, it’s best to find a reason to take Li Qianru out alone, but don’t attract Li Fangqiang’s attention. Don’t let him get suspicious."
"It’s that simple?"
Mu Jiao Jiao regretted that she was mysterious before seeing Wu Xiaojian. What is the special way to return him? Now this way sounds like she felt that she could have made her mysteriously’ disappeared’ when she was playing with Li Qianru in the afternoon. At that time, her family’s vigilance was very low
"Or what about you? It’s not a prison robbery."
Wu Xiaojianwen didn’t think of letting Mu Jiao Jiao act alone. It was thought that it was too risky. If Mu Jiao Jiao failed, it would be difficult to get close to Li Qianru again.
Now either do it or do it well.
He has rented a suite when he went to visit Li Qianru in Mu Jiao Jiao in the afternoon, just in the old residential area opposite their old high school. Just go there and try to avoid the limelight when he receives Li Qianru’s horse.
"all right"
Mu Jiao Jiao’s unhappy pout acquiesced in this situation.
Wu Xiaojian also knows that they have a chance.
It may be difficult to separate directly from them in the building and go to the floor from the fire escape stairs, but it is no problem for him to speak on the eighth floor.
Chen Ying and Mu Jiao Jiao are taking the stairs, and the theory will reach Li Qianru earlier than him.
When I just ran to the fifth floor and was about to go to the sixth floor, I saw the fire escape on the sixth floor and opened the door. I saw a man and a woman waiting in front of the ladder and made him hide immediately.
"Why are they here?"
Wu Xiaojian was surprised and suddenly recognized that this man and woman attacked Li Qianru at that time and forced her to join the game, her company and the woman named Yin Ji.
Thinking that Li Qianru is in this building, I don’t know if they are looking for Li Qianru or not sure which floor she lives on, or if they simply live in this residential building.
Anyway, he sent a short message to Mu Jiao Jiao.
Things have changed in Mu Jiao Jiao. It was said that the man might have gone to your floor.
I happened to see the couple waiting for the ladder to press the button on the eighth floor or the ninth floor from their fingers. Maybe they also felt that it was a good opportunity, but they still didn’t give up Li Qianru’s coming to grab it.
"Said the man? Which one? "
Mu Jiao Jiao answered a short message in vain.
"Li Qianru"
Wu Xiaojian’s short message replied that she rushed to the eighth floor in one breath and launched the phantom cloak effect directly. She just saw the men and women coming out of the ladder. They didn’t know Mu Jiao Jiao. Mu Jiao Jiao also texted outside the ladder window and didn’t notice the men and women who walked behind her.
However, Wu Xiaojian clearly saw that the couple came to Li Qianru as soon as they felt very obvious.
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Chapter 13 Poisonous Oath [Chapter Words 153 Last Updated 1393 :34:47]
A brain turn suddenly thought of a good way to send a text message to Mu Jiao Jiao immediately.
"Don’t look back when the plan changes."
Wu Xiaojian suddenly thought of a better idea. Send a text message to Mu Jiao Jiao and ask her to keep this posture facing the outside of the building. Don’t disturb two people who just passed behind her.
Mu Jiao Jiao came back with a question. What does the question mark mean?